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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Scan

An MRI scan is a special technique that uses magnets and radio waves to produce both two and three dimensional pictures of the body. MRI scans are considered very safe with no known side effects from exposure to magnetic or radio waves.It’s suitable for every part of the body, including bones, soft tissues (such as blood vessels, ligaments and muscles) and the brain.
This whole procedure will usually be repeated several times, and the entire examination generally takes around 30 minutes (but can last up to an hour) depending on the examination.
MRI scans can be used for a variety of purposes

  • Joints and muscles: An MRI scan is often used to look at tissue around joints and bones and can help to diagnose injuries to the elbow, hip and knee. It can also detect conditions such as arthritis or tendon tears.
  • Heart: MRI scans can also capture images of the heart including the valves and blood vessels, helping to diagnose heart defects or disease. It may be used to examine the heart after a heart attack.
  • Brain: An MRI scan can be used to help analyse the brain for tumours, possible causes of a headache and abnormal tissue growth. MRI may also be used after a stroke to assess any damage to the brain.
  • Tumours: MRI can produce detailed images of soft tissue which show the difference between normal and diseased tissue, such as a tumour. It can also check the progress of a tumour to establish whether it is shrinking or growing.
  • If you’re having an MRI scan you’ll need to wear loose clothing without zips or metallic objects and remove any jewellery, hearing aids, watches or glasses, removable dental works, body piercings and credit cards. You need to inform your doctor if you are pregnant and are claustrophobic, before the test. You need to inform our technicians if you have metallic implants (especially ear implants, metal clips in brain, metal coils within blood vessels) or an electronic device (pacemaker, cardiac defibrillator, leads) in your body prior to the test.
  • Depending on the type of scan some patients may require the injection of a special dye (contrast medium); reactions to this dye are very rare and can usually be treated immediately

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FAQ - Medical Diagnostic Imaging

The machine takes your pictures, just like a camera. The advanced machines give far better quality which helps the radiologist and your doctor understand your problem.

No. You just have to lie down for 15-20 minutes or for as long as required for the study.

The required time depends upon what study needs to performed, cooperation from the patient, and requirement of sedation or contrast.

It depends on what kind of scan is advised to you. Our front office will help you with these queries.

Yes, you will get a CD for the scan. You will get the films in fifteen minutes

Study of the scan images require lot of dedicated time and expertise of radiologist. We try to report studies in the best possible time.

You can pay in cash or by debit/credit card.